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Blimey - the TTRS gets bigger and bigger! New DTM monster:

One HELL of a wing on that!

From the Top Gear site:

This, TopGearers, is what a TT RS DTM-spec racer could look like. Could, because this is just a prototype, developed by Raeder Motorsport in conjunction with Audi.

At the last two rounds of the Nurburgring endurance championship, Raeder will contest the SP 4T class with this TT beastie as a test to see if the TT RS is a viable customer sport option. Which means, should the test be completed successfully, you could get your grubby mitts on a TT RS to go racing. Yay!

Not much info on the prototype as yet though. We do know it uses a five-cylinder TFSI engine (like the standard TT RS) and features 'racing-specific developments' in its bodywork, suspension and aerodynamics. Because, y'know, you couldn't ALREADY SEE THAT from the pictures.

Of some importance is the fact that the DTM-spec TT will 'adopt' some bits from the Audi R8 LMS, which in anyone's book, is Good News.

The TT RS almost spat in the face of the self-tan set with its pumped-up 340bhp attitude. This one sparks them clean out. We like.

Some views but no comments

I think it is very significant that Audi chooses an RS model to run in the DTM for the first time.

Definately interesting.

Look forward to seeing more details

The only TT Ive ever liked the look of!

Don't know much about the TTRS - guessing it's the lightest of the RS range, so could be the ideal production car racer...until the Quattro Concept is rolled out at least?  

From the TopGear site - it's been out on track for competition...


I'm liking that actually, but thought DTM was saloon cars?  Clealy not...

StumpyRS4 wrote:
I'm liking that actually, but thought DTM was saloon cars?  Clealy not...

Don't know how accurate this is:

The cars are supposed to be fast and spectacular, while still rather cheap to build and run. All DTM race cars have RWD and 4.0 L V8 engines which are air-restricted to 470 hp, no matter if similar layouts or engines are available in the road cars. Instead of the road car bodies, unrelated purpose-built chassis are used, which are closer to prototype racing. Many drivers have in fact described the handling of the cars as closer to single seater racing cars than road cars. Only the roof sections of the road cars are put on top of the roll cages, and lights and other distinctive design features are used in order to provide a resemblance to the road cars. Also, in order to save money and provide close racing, many common parts from third party specialist are used, like transmission (from Hewland and Xtrac), brakes, and Dunlop Tyres. The all-important aerodynamic configurations are tested in wind tunnels before the season, brought to an equal level, and kept that way throughout the season.

Alfa Romeo, who at the time were mounting successful campaigns in the European Touring Car Championship, did not return to the series. BMW was also involved in the ETCC and was not satisfied with a championship only for Germany. Audi did not enter as they insisted on using their signature quattro 4WD.

This has little to do with today's DTM series which are carbon fibre monocoque cars. The TT-RS is obviously a contender for various touring car and endurance races like the Le Mans and Nürburgring 24H.

This means we have a Audi 5 cylinder turbo back on the tracks   can't wait to hear that thing go flat out...

Its the VLN Audi from Audi Customer Racing/Raeder Motorsport! Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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