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TTS S-Tronic misfiring issues

A couple of weeks ago I was experiencing really bad misfiring under heavy acceleration, swapping and upgrading spark plugs seemed to solve it (no more physical symptoms and car running smoothly throughout the rev range). Yesterday, a quick vagcom check just to see if everything was still OK showed no misfire logging in a general fault scan, but during live logging the misfire counter was showing problems in cylinders 2 and 4, occurring at the exact point of upshift when in excess of around 6000rpms. Again, still no physical symptoms and car running smoothly.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it normal behaviour, me being paranoid, nothing to worry about, or signs of a deeper problem etc etc?

Car is mapped with full exhaust, DP and hi-flow cat.

Any help and advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

I think on S-tronics, misfires on gearchange could be totally normal, as the ECU makes the engine misfire (the burp sound when changing gear) in order to reduce torque for the gear change to happen... I could be wrong though but it doesn't sound that odd to me...

Thanks for the insight Mihnea, I did think that it was a big coincidence it was happening at the exact point of upshift. I was going to try and run the same check on a stock TT RS S-Tronic and see if I got the same results. Would u expect to see the same happening with the DQ500 as well as the 250 if this is the case or would that be a pointless exercise?

Thanks again

I thought they made that misfire so it would sound class..... as it does sound class.

As aka_dk so eloquently put it, the 'burble fart' is indeed class

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