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Tubular manifolds

Just a post to give a bit of info on these,

Laser cut flanges
10mm head flange
12mm turbo flange
All 304 stainless steel construction
As low an angle merge collector as space will allow
Fully TIG welded and back purged
3mm thick wall piping
36mm ID primaries
41mm ID after collector
Additional egt bungs can be welded in
All flange welds are done whilst bolted to a 36mm thick heatsink to keep them from warping.

650 plus postage

I dont have any recent pics of these, here are some from a while back. The design has changed since them, will get some tomorrowish.


Some more pics of more recent manifolds


What's the warranty on these for cracking etc and fitment.

How much for them ceramic coated, if that's an option?

How much for them ceramic coated, if that's an option?


I have a set of Originiall manifolds and some of his 3 inch downpipes on my car, along with a number of other upgrades. Good results, gets on boost well with plenty of top end.


How quickly can you knock these up for me buddy If I went with them?

Oh and any deal for a previous customer?

Thanks buddy. Forum Index -> Originiall Fabrications
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