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Turbo differences

What difference would a K26/27 turbo provide over stock? To power / torque / fuelling / economy etc?
Would it need to be remapped? Any other modifications required. Jets etc.
I'd prefer it to be just plug and play, to start with at least. Would would be the presenting issues if i did that?

Is that the RS2 spec turbo? It's more laggy in spooling up for starters.

I think it is!
And just heard the same, so that's all i need to know for now!
Thanks, Buddy!

K26 Turbo mod..

Evening all,

Just thought I might take the chance to update you all on my UrS4's progress in the work shop. Work, as you can see has begun, a complete service and tune up is on the way and depending on the finances maybe a few other mods too (Don't tell the wife!)

I'm being baggered into fitting her with a K26 turbo, is it wise and would I need to make any major changes to the base line structure of the car?

Any ideas on costs?

Speak soon


What it is exactly  k26 size your a going for?I run a k26/27 hybrid(over 400hp and 600nm+ at 1.8/1.9bar)  same lagg as rs2 turbo but more power and torq .I just love it.But to achive  this from standard it is a big list of bits to go around the engine:least rs2 exhaust mani,3'' downpipe,044 fuel pump,FMIC,injectors 550cc and a remap from Dimitri. Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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