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turbo removal

Sooo after not using the RS for a week or so when I started it up this morning I noticed an amount of blue smoke out of the exhaust (mainly out of the OS tail pipe) which leads me to think the turbo has is letting a bit of oil past the seal

What sort of job is it to do the turbos on the RS? Also recommendations on who to get to rebuild and to what spec?

It's a barsteward of a job. Probably easier to remove the engine. It can just about be done by dropping the subframe a bit and praying that you can get the bolts off. If you can't then it's engine out.

Might be a good time to take it to MRC for a professional opinion.

Just taken the bottom ic pipe off and around 1/2-2/3 a litre of oil came out Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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