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UR 20V Issue 12 Audi tuner Mag

It's mine, had it a long time. I know it will have its critics, as it's mildly tuned and not standard, but it really is a better car with the mods. Photo shoot was about 2 hours and was very professionally done, photo's taken at Donnington. The photographer was working on a car shoot for the Discovery channel the previous week.

I saw the car in the magazine when it arrived. This reminds me it's time for a proper read  

Bet your glad you didn't change it for an evo!!!! Lol!!

Lovely thing.

Yes, lucky escape that !

Come on lads, comments on the car good or bad would be appreciated, maybe I've upset a few on here saying its a better car with the mods, let's just say it " enhances " the car. Sorry if anyone has taken offence.

I love it!
I'd do the same things to it if I had one!

Thanks C J. Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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