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UrS4/6 Plus rims ONLY for sale


GOOD BYE "Suzi"    

Bad news mate! Sorry to hear it. My 6 speed box is noisy in first but it's been like that since I picked it up and it's a lot to get the box changed so I've just lived with it.

hi Tim

I cant with an auto because the gearboxes electronics isnt talking to the engine's ecu all the time so its sticking in second gear.its got 216k mileson it now so the gearbox is in need of a refurb/ replacement.

I found another box for 230 quid plus delivery but cant afford to getit, swap it over and get the throttle sensor and pedal locator sensor as well.

if your looking for a 6 speed box let me know, I know who has a spare one.

Do you know how much he's looking for? I could be tempted

no but I'll find out. Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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