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failed its MOT on a couple of things...

both drivers side shocks need replacing,should I replace all 4? original units with 214k miles under them

 centre section of fuel lines sweating,
emissions.... probably because its not been used for 2 months then driven about 10 miles to the dealer for its MOT...COULD just need a good blast to clear it out a bit.

SO... is this an expensive fix?

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I have always been led to believe that shocks should be replaced as axle pairs - therefore all four need replacing.


I would change all schocks. Drive your car warm and the cats hot, and then take the emission test. If you can drive like with third gear and with high revs to let the cats take the heat in.

Once I had mentioned it hasnt been used for a while, the service chap says "AHH" thats probably why becuase me engine is a peach and has never failed an emissions test before, seems like it just needs a good blast OR a lambda sensor is on its way out?

Point taken regarding shock replacement:)

Well I just change the shocks on my S6 95 and I did not use original parts. But I did change the 4 of them at once. I spend about 180 USD in the parts plus labor Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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