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Very happy new owner with a few questions.

Collect my RS6 saloon on Sunday afternoon and im in love with it already!

As many of you have modded your cars i would like some info please.

where to start....

Milltek seems to be the exhaust of choice for many, are they worth the 1500 price tag for the cat back? has  anyone else gone for a different brand or a custom system?

With the MRC remap giving 700+ bhp this is obviously the best bang for your buck mod, how does this transform the car and is this power usable everyday?

what are peoples thoughts on wheel spacers? good or bad?

thanks in advance

Hi there i have a cat back milltek on mine and i love the system its not too loud but gives a nice rumble.So i would say worth the money try and get second hand system they come up for sale from time to time budget around 700+ for a second hand system
Also the remap i had a revo map which gives around 700 with exhaust and the difference is quite considerable.
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