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Very high miles s3 advice please

Everyone, since the s3 forum gets so little action thought I would fire this here to get some opinion.
I looked at a facelift s3 today (2001) with a view to swopping my wifes cooper s for it. Its negaro blue with black leather. It's had recent coil overs and wheels. Remap and some sort of reworked turbo. Also a n74 diverter valve too? This gave a bit of "chatter" when lifting off -not like a dump valve noise but was noticeable. Is this correct? I know they should recirculate but the owner seemed to say this valve was some sort or protective measure.
Anyway it goes really well and is clean bar the front bumper and a pillar needing paint.
Only Down side is the 150k on the clock. I won't do huge miles in the car and the owner has stripped and rebuilt engine, checking pistons etc. replaced a couple of valves and rings etc that needed it. Any thoughts on this sort of mileage? It seems very well cared for but looking for advice.
Many thanks
Adrian E

The 'engine rebuild' sounds a bit iffy - is it dirt cheap or could you find a lower mileage and/or better car for the money? Loads on auto trader with massively varying mileage and prices

I know what you mean. The guys pal is an Audi tech and did the work. Reason I went to see this was the fact he was interested in my wifes cooper s for hi girlfriend and he is quite local to me. I am thinking he did nt have to mention the rebuild at all but seems like he has addressed many of the common issues.

The chatter on lift off is nothing to worry about, my old TT used to do that after I remapped it, the engines are sold though, apart from weak oil pumps

you mind me asking how much he wants for it?

I saw an 01 plate with 80k fsh asking 3.8 about 5 months ago - you can get that sort of car for 3 now i recon. Buyers market out there, just took me 7 weeks to sell a 1500 pound 03' plate diesel polo ffs !!

These 1.8T engines are very strong. I had a 1.8T (150bhp) so admittedly less stressed on 180k which was still making perfect spec'd boost etc..

engine work sounds somewhat suspect?

who would only change a couple of rings? and a couple of valves.... these things dont just fall apart, so what happened to the engine to warrent new rings and valves?

He has it advertised at top money. Could get a car with a lot less miles for much less money.
Thinking I will try selling cooper s and then go shopping, will be more time and hassle but safer I think.
Adrian E

If you don't need Quattro have you considered a Leon cupra R? 225bhp standard on the later cars and plenty of well looked after 1 owner cars about with sensible mileage. Wish I'd not sold ours

Looking at Leon cupra type now. Could be convinced by a 1.8t or tdi. Got mini on pistonheads and gumtree.
Thanks for the input!
Adrian E

The diesel isn't the nicest drive - we compared them when new and really didn't like the diesel. Just felt flat to drive compared to the 1.8t and the clutch was much heavier

Serious bargains now though - if your looking at the R just bare in mind tyres are quite pricey and Brembo front brakes are silly money. Also check they've had 2 yearly brake fluid changes

For any future users who worry about high miles

As long as they have been  looked after it really shouldnt be an issue.

Theres a chap on audi sport who has over 200k on his track car without issues - think it was only taken apart to fit better rods as its pushing 320+hp

On the flip side, i had to redo my head gasket at 108k
But turbo is still healthy which was nice

high miles on these engines is fine, check that oil changes have been done frequently and might be worth just taking the sump of to change the pick up pipe for extreme measures but everything else is fine!
as said prawn runs a 350bhp track car on over 200k with no problems at all!

hope this helps

I look after one thats got 206,000 miles on the clock .

It's only just had a head overhaul and a set of pistons ...

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