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Video in Motion in A5 2011 - No response from controller

Trying to enable the hidden menu or video in motion on my new A5 (S-Line Black Edition with very latest MMI system on it) and have a VAG COM cable and all the software. Using VCDS-Lite the test goes OK and detects the cable and interface, but any attempt to read any channel at all fail with "No response from controller".

Have they changed the system in the very latest version as I have found one topic online that states they have an no one has found a way around it yet?

Really frustrating.

Should help. A word of caution stay away from BOOTLOADER, unless you want an expensive trip to the dealer

Yes I've tried that but like I say the first step of reading any section 5F or not (I tried from 00 to 7F every one failed) gives the no response from controller.

I have done a little more digging and does the 2011 and A5 need a CAN BUS (Hex Can VAGCOM) cable and not just a VAGCOM?
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