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Wanted Nogaro Blue B5 S4

Alright lads,

I've just joined the forum, looking for a decent B5 S4 in Nogaro Blue with all the usual RS4 upgrades.

I'm Audi daft and had one of these S4's years ago, however it had only had a remap at the time on an otherwise standard engine. Still good fun though!

Times have moved on now and used to cars with 400-500bhp, i spotted this one on ebay which looks quite nice.

Does anyone know anything about this car? Do you think it is priced fairly?

Just trying to gather some info on it or find a forum member selling something similar.

Stigs dad

This cars been for sale for ages. The price has dropped over the last two months from 10 grand to what it is now.  I was going to look at it 2 months ago but bought a known Noggy from a forum member.  May be ok but it's the time it's been for sale that would worry me.
davey thomas

Sure he's on here

I never realised it was for sale for 10k, i certainly wouldn't be paying that for it. I've asked him to send me some close up of photos of the body as he says there is rust round the door handles, front wings and bootlid. Can't really see any rust from the pics on ebay but still waiting on the close up's.

In fact i asked a lot of questions about the car and he told me to phone him, he couldn't be bothered to list everything in an email. Hmmmm?

Are these cars prone to rust in the areas mentioned. My car had no rust on it but that was many a year ago now.


These cars are getting old now so rust issues will play a part in the buying thought process so it's down to you on that front as what is deemed acceptable.

Can't blame him for not emailing details, if his offered to speak on the phone I find that better then mailing or texting. A conversation over the phone is more professional and saves typing up various info which admit it, no one can be arsed emailing back and forth after a day at work lol. Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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