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weight of wheel?

anyone any idea what a 16" speedline S2 wheel weighs? (no tyre)
Im trying to get shipping costs organised.

if i'm thinking of the right wheels they weigh about 18kg with a tyre

i have tyres fitted at present so i can weigh the whole assembly & subtract tyre weight if I can get that?
205/55x16 - any ideas on weight?

if you use parcel2go and just say its 22kg 50x50x30cm it should be about 8.99 i sent 5x17" s4 avus's with tyre's to brighton from middlesbrough for 39.99

hmmm, im loking for  shipping costs to USA! Also as the tyres are shot there is no point in paying a lot extra to send them too.
Im just in the negotiating stage at moment so i dont want to be out of pocket by getting the tryes removed only for some local guy to come to my house & buy them!
Im also wondering about what packaging these carriers will require?

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