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Weird tyres on RS3

Just reading top gear and the article on the RS3 states audi fit narrower tyres on the rear to help eliminate understeer! Also has carbon fibre front wings.

Less grip on the rear should help understeer so makes sense. It's why some people upgrade rear ARB only to super hard - reduces grip on the rear to give less understeer.


Increasing ARB stiffness doesnt reduce grip...
But it does affect how the chassis/suspension set of the car will react to the road.

Basically on a perfect road, increaseing the stiffness of the front and rear equally will increase cornering grip, while keeping the same handling characteristics.

Having a softer front or harder rear, means that the front will be more prone to roll, the rear will try to remain stiff and thus will cause the tyre to break away and give over steer.

Certainly seems and interesting way of doing it (fitting narrower tyres to the rear) wide tyres ate the front dont help with understeer :S

loomx - got my info about reduced rear grip from some suspension article (lost it long ago) but a quick google revealed this

"Essentially, to reduce understeer, you may try using a stiffer rear anti roll bar (trade offs will be reduced rear grip"


"Or you may consider that the anti roll bar reduces compliance at the end it is used, and reduces grip at that end of the car."

Link -

Thats just silly, effectively that says then increasing both front and rear arb stiffness will cause less grip, which is not true, it increases grip assuming the road isnt too bumpy for the set up.

Silly? A bit like putting different tyres on the rear to reduce understeer by reducing rear grip

It all sounds a bit mad to me....

You effectively reduce the available grip by increasing the ARB stiffness and shift the balance towards the other  end of the vehicle.  So the article is correct....increase ARB stiffness on the front reduces oversteer or increases understeer, increase ARB stiffness on the rear reduces understeer or increases oversteer.

Most Audis need to reduce understeer hence why larger/stiffer ARBs are fitted. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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