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What do you guys think of this ?

I've Been looking for one on and off for a bit, what do you think of this one?

Any pointers on what I should look out for or avoid.

Your best bet would be to get on there are some experts on there.
Its probably already been discussed on there

Ur quattro's are all about the condition of the shell.  It's the most expensive thing to put right.

Comments on this car from afar:-

It has optional full leather instead of standard half leather.  White wheels were only standard from the factory on Pearl White cars with Pearl Wheels.  (Apart from Sport quattro)  All other cars had zermatt Silver as standard.

That's low end money for a RR .  It's been painted at some point as the Pinstripes are missing and why did he only put the Door Rings back on one side?

I'd be asking when it was painted, if it was painted 4 years ago (and he could prove it) with no rust coming through now, then it may have been done properly.  

If it was done 6 months ago (with no evidence of what it was like or what had been done), walk away.

Doesn't make it a bad car or propisition, but main advice is to take someone with you that knows these cars, or you could be looking at big bills ahead.

RR 20v is generally regarded as the best engine, very refined, smooth and can do high mileages easily if maintained, not the biggest area to worry about.  You can pull Fault Codes from them.

Bushes underneath is very very important to how they drive.  Subframes front and rear , Top mounts, Diff Mounts, Ball Joints ARB's to name but a few should be checked.  Most owners don't bother with them unless thay fail, most don't , but they affect the whole feel of the car with age.  Evidence of this should be reviewed.

Bodily, Wheel arches at the rear of the front wings and front of the rear wings, pay particular attention for bodges, these are the common areas that always go along with the front wing where they join the front bumper. Check Boot floor, sills and inner sills also.  Check boot for water ingress - common.

Parts availability for trim is poor, so check the trim around the side windows, they are no longet available but can be restored.

Other parts availability is getting better.

If you're really interested, I can possibly get a qoc member to go along to view it with you.

Thanks chaps that's very helpful.

The chances of getting an absolutely original one for the money I want to spend is probably slim. But I've got that itch and really fancy one. Must be the 5 pot sound.

The 10v one is the best for all out 5 assault on your lugholes, the 20v is too refined BUT its far more tuneable.

Get a WR and ditch the centre silencer  

The 10 valve sounds much better for sure. But the 20v is far easier tuned as Rich says and can be made to sound good too with the addition of a Miltek (No, don't chop up the exhaust   )

The performance difference is negligible regardless of model in standard form but the delivery of it is very different. The WR is the most laggy, MB is better and so on.

However, that type of budget gets you a very nicely restored/very good 10v (although prices for rare good ones are climbing quite rapidly) or in Guy's brother's case, a very nice MB with a 20v conversion that was professionally done.

Let me know if you need any other info or assistance.  

pjbRs wrote:
Thanks chaps that's very helpful.

The chances of getting an absolutely original one for the money I want to spend is probably slim. But I've got that itch and really fancy one. Must be the 5 pot sound.

Then get a good mb ........far better than a 20v
imola avant

well i recently purchased an mb with normans assitance.get help to find one is my advice. i made an offer on a car that turned out to have been t-boned norman kindly told me and the ad has been altered now   then a so called mint black mb i viewed which was horrific but unless you look you never know just put your rose tinted specs firmly away   good luck.

regards steve.

As suggested an inspection is needed....

From the advert I would ask why the n/s door rings are missing, plus the silver coach stripes are missing from throughout. Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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