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what is 04 tt 3.2 v6 average mpg

what is 04 tt 3.2 v6 average mpg thanks missus is looking at one she does around 70 miles a day.


bloke in the next unit at work has one.

he averages 24.

At 70 miles a day I'd be looking at a diesel!
My R32 was around 25mpg on a run at 60-70 mph. I never saw over 30mpg and regularly returned the low 20's!

But the noise was fantastic.......
dave c

my r32 averaged 24,at a steady 70 on a decent trip,could see 31 on D.I.S. bit better than the Rs! sounded good with the milly too

You didn't specify if you want a manual or DSG/Stronic consumption figures.

I just checked the Dis on our 06 MkV R32 which is DSG.

Over the last 500 Miles....

Average speed 22 MPH we got 21.5 MPG.

The car is used mostly by Bex around town and the odd trip up the A30 (30-40 miles).
She's a fairly sensible driver (does like to give it some beans on the straight bits though) but when I (occasionally) use it it gets a bit more stick.

On a run it should be considerably better but can't remember what it did last time it had a real long blast.

The DSG box is supposed to be return better MPG than a manual get a good long test drive first and if you are happy to have one (make sure to get a good warranty as there have been some problems with them) then I would say it may make enough difference to the MPG to make it a good daily driver.

Personally I love the DSG box wish I could get one in the 6.............

Oh and the V6 noise really is addictive................

Iv got a S-tronic S3 2.0T ... I know now 3.2, but I recon the fuel is just as bad

26.2MPG over 7.3k


Get a deisel, 2.0TDI 170, mapped = job done

No fabulous V6 noise though dk.

Hi, I had a 2005 3.2 V6 A3 for 5 years, If I was careful I could get 27-30mpg on a decent run. best ever was 33.5 but that was when we had the fuel shortages, and I HAD to be careful. More realist numbers would be 26-29mpg normal driving.  
And there really is nothing like that sound, miss the V6. Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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