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What is real world MPG for a manual 8P S3?

What MPG are you getting for mixed driving? And/or how many miles out of tank is that?

The commute this would be used for would be a couple of miles out of town and then roughly 12 miles of NSL driving (each way) to give an idea.

Looking for feedback on manual cars. It would also be a sportback, but I doubt that makes much difference to this question.


Last one i had 2008 (3 dr) was sayin on dash avg 22 mpg, but in real terms was puttin average 20 per 50 mile there abouts, not real heavy foot drivin either!

There not great on the juice graham!! I just bought a SB on a 60 plate with dsg and its shit for mpg!

Cheers both.

Hmm not so good. Mrs. Graham is not going to like the sound of this.

A shame as I've a found what looks like a good one and otherwise got good indications!

Sounds like a TDI 170 quattro sportback is more like it.

I might have to arrange a test drive in the S3 though before I give up on the idea though, it always wins me over, so it might work the same!

I had a S3 stronic for 9000 miles and it averaged 26mpg over those miles

You want a Scirocco 140PS BMT tdi....guaranteed 60mpg on a motorway run and loads of fun to drive

that what am drivin at moment ( TDI 170 quattro sportback ) returning 38 mpg avg , pulls great am remapping few weeks with dpf removal so should be close 210 bhp ! Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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