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what's it worth ? urs4

hi all, my mate was wondering what his car is worth, he bought it at an auction a while ago

spec is as follows

audi s4 1994 (i think) with 125k miles - saloon
2.2 i5 turbo engine
no service history, although a total full fluid change (rear diff, gearbox, engine - with filter, brake fluid, coolant)
most likely remapped as it pushes 1.4 bar, around 270bhp and 300lb ft
k&n filter - in good condition
aftermarket dump valve
aftermarket exhaust system
toad alarm
18 inch after market 2 piece wheels (nothing expensive) 225 width tyres
green colour, good body work, no rust
suspension springs are aftermarket, look fairly new

work that needs doing (what i would do anyways)

new cambelt kit / aux belt kit
new spark plugs
new pollen and fuel filter
4 new tyres (they are old and also budget)

starts first time, every time, no boost leaks or known problems, good interior too, all dials and buttons work fine

very rare car, i've seen one for sale in the last 6 months !

Unfortunately not much complete!! However the engine is worth about 1200 quid! These engines are in demand for donor cars or end up in the USA!!

Urs4/6's are a dying breed. Ecahse people are a rapping perfectly useable cars for parts as its worth more in bits than selling it whole

I paid 85o to get mine back again ( 1994 auto saloon with 240k miles on it )

Better off keeping it. Only about 10 UrS4's remain on the road in the UK ( autos) so its a rare sight these days.... where a outs is your mates car?

Any photos please  

sold my brothers one a year ago for £1750. It was two owners FSH, 90K miles, Mihnea chip to 280hp.
sadly I was lucky to get that I think! It was a fantastic big comfy fast car too.

Adam, good to see you today. What a spot on RS4 you have - pulls very cleanly with plenty of power all the way through!

Hope that's not why your buddy is selling up?!
Cheers, N.

some interest then, i thought they was rare, i've never seen one before and i've only ever seen one for sale and i look through adverts for the fun of it

i like the car it is different, he does not want to sell it, just curiosity, it;s currently at a garage, need an MOT and tax etc, so he;s servicing it up before putting it back on the road, sadly no pictures, but i think he'll join and possibly post some

thanks brasil....

Excellent, they're a sleeper fast cruiser, and would be nice to keep it    

Where abouts are you?

There is a big Audi meet in Crieff on the 25th March, hopefully 2 UrS4's are going

This really needs moth balling for future history because these beauties are getting rarer and are a great part of Audi history.

They are great cars. Very underrated.
Here's mine. Did the rear brakes today, fronts tomorrow then mot next week.


Good luck with your MOT Martin

I'll be in Leeds on the weekend of the 16 th March if your available for a photex

Bath time

With my brother in laws UrS6


martinjs, is yours on lowering springs? that is sitting very nice, perfect look IMO !!!

qk, i could pop along, would be good if i could get my mate along, hopefully he gets his car on the road by then !!

what foam things is that? does it just attach to a kircher ? looks like fun too lolol !!

Yes it is lowered, h&r's and koni's.

This is what I bought

Yea it's great fun

When you say you and perhaps your pal could pop along.... where to ? Leeds on the 17/18th March or to Crieff on the 25th March?


possibly leeds, not really sure though, didn;t reliase it was so far away, we are based in london !!!

thanks for link !

Ah!! Ok    well I'm coming down from Scotland so your already closer than me before you start. At least your in the same country


Very nice motors, looks like your having fun with the snow foam

something about the square shape Audi's i love, i would very much like a V8 Saloon.

most probably because i have visions of me driving one like this.

Possibly my fave DTM car ever.

I prefer the IMSA 90 Quattro gto

Yea!! V8 dtm....

quattrokid wrote:
I prefer the IMSA 90 Quattro gto

That thing was just mental. Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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