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What's this noise ?

got my car back from Spink yesterday after a visit to his facilities to get a gearbox change and a load of other wee things done as well.....

1 of them is a noise that sounds like a distant foghorn under acceleration!! James is at a loss as to what it is or where its coming from but late last night a text came rattling down the line from Spink suggesting it could be the vapour box, it sounds like something is resonating under acceleration...
the noise sounds like its behind the bulkhead which is where this vapour box is located...
any suggestions what it is, i suggested the turbo wastegate diaphram but that seems ok as its showing o.5 bar pressure @ 3000 rpm sat at 70.

no hoses where found to be split or loose, fuel pump, fuel sender fuel filter has all been changed recently. The dv was swapped by Dave Harrison for a known good 1 since mine wasnt seating properly. the N75 valve was also changed. Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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