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what to look for?

after having the 4 stolen and recovered, i am selling her and buying a sensible family estate for the wife to use in her new venture as a childminder. but i still want a toy to play around in, so far it's narrowed down to either s2, wrx sti version 3 or an evo4. so what should i be looking for in an s2? any common problems areas that rust easily etc etc, any pointers and tips greatly accepted.

The avants rust below the rear wiper where water sits in the rubber seal, they also rust where the front bumper bolts to the wings.

The biggest problems is boost leaks, best check is to get it warmed up and floor it from low revs in 3rd or 4th and take it to the red line. If you get a violent jerk it has a big leak, any holding back can also suggest one too.
But, it could also be a dead MAF or coils.

There is a good buyers guide on, and joining is essential!

thanks for the advice, looking for a coupe, as the wife will have an estate so i can go back to 3door

Coupe can suffer with leaks from the windscreen and doors, check the carpets for any signs of damp Forum Index -> Audi S2 & RS 2 (B3 & B4) quattro
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