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mad baja

What to look out for?

Going a view a couple of b7 s4's next week and looking for a bit of advice when looking to buy. Common faults and issues. What are the triptronic boxes like in them? I've looked in the buyers guide above but seems more directed towards the rs. Also do the s4's suffer from the same inlet manifold carboning up as the rs
Cheers in advance

Hi Mate,

You can check out my thread below which is 4 years of running an S4, its the B6 but same car pretty much.

The S4 doesnt have problems with Carbon build up like the later RS4 models, main thing to check is Chains/ tensioners (Try and get a car if possible that has been done as these tend to go @ 80-100k and its one big job not to worry about) On the manual check when the clutch was last done as this is a big job.

But as you are going for the Auto, you just need to make sure the oil has been changed a regular timescales and its smooth in operation etc... Not driven the Auto model. But you will get better MPG on a run in the Auto as the final gear ratio is better on the Mway. you will get 32mpg instead of 28mpg.

They are cracking cars and bargain to get 2nd hand, main thing is get a good one and budget some cash for repairs that might need doing. They are getting older now so will need parts replaced. But you get this with any car especially performance cars.


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