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Whats this Hose and cable...

Hello All.
Ive just brought an B8 S4, having known that it had previously been in an accident. Once I got the car home I've began trying to figure out what is needed to get the car together and working, so far have two items that someone on here may know.

First one. AC hose that has snapped, anybody have a part number of it?

Second one: Unknown. Where does this go, part number? any info would help
3 wires come from the loom by red a T Piece bottom right plug.

Thanks in advance

The cable goes down to the supercharger coolant pump I think.

It should be Power,Ground & the PWM signal

When you wire the pump back in,could you let me know what each wire is colour wise.
The reason being,if you the PWM circuit/signal is broken the pump will run at 100% duty cycle.Could be very handy for 1/4 mile runs etc.So it would be handy to know what colour the PWM wire is
xpower may be useful for the AC pipe Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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