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Wheel fitment question

Does anyone know if these would fit my S4? 20x8.5 et28 front, 20x10 et32 rear. 255/35R20 all round. Comes with 10mm front spacers.
S4 Muzza

I'm sure someone on here will be able to tell you off the top of their head, but there are websites that'll calculate the change if you know your current sizes. For example:

Yeah seen these sort of things before but hunk that's more if you're trying to match your current set up which I know won't be the case. Just hoping someone's running a similar set up just now, know it fits the S5 but don't know about my S4.
S4 Muzza

Yeah I see what you mean. It does tell you how much more or less the inside and outside of the wheel will stick out though, so you should be able to see it it'll fowl the strut or poke out the arch

Jay gemson has experience
Pm him ...

Thanks, actually bought an exhaust off him recently, I'll drop him a PM
pdh 14a

The rears are not a chance! my 19x9 et33's with 255/35/19's have around a cm spare at the rear! so your rears will be around 13mm past the arch! only way I'd say would be with 235 tyres and a bit of camber!
pdh 14a

And just noticed the 35% tyre proflile,not a hope in hell sorry!  

Yeah thought that might be the case, thanks.

That fitment is very aggressive, I have to say.  You *may* be able to get away with the 20x8.5 ET28 fronts but only if you run a stretched tyre, which a 255/35/20 is most definitely not.

To give you some indication, these are 20x9 ET40 with 255/30/20s:

This setup is extremely close on the arches.  To avoid rubbing you have to remove the front arch tabs and the rear arch liners have to be trimmed.

20x8.5 ET28 will give you ~6mm more poke
20x10.5 ET32 will give you ~27mm more poke

So in short, they won't fit.  They're better suited to an RS4 I'd say.

jaygemson wrote:
So in short, they won't fit.  They're better suited to an RS4 I'd say.

...unless you create a bit more room for them, of course... Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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