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When buying, what Rs4 would you choose

i know in a perfect world with a maximum budget I would choose a low mileage car with low owners, however which would you put first bearing in mind both cars I have seen have okay to good service history.

One with Low owners but a little work  needed or a low mileage car with lots of owners?

Owners wouldn't bother me. These are the type of cars that people buy on impulse. Then get clobbered with a massive bill and then sell it on licking their wounds.
They're 16 years old now so a few owners through its long life is to be expected.
Mileage is another subject that people get neurotic about. If it's been looked after with massive history and a stack of invoices then what's to worry about? I'd rather have a sorted high miler than a low miler that still needs all the work doing to it.

Does depend on what you want the car for, if you want to sell it on then buy the low miler regardless, even though as CJ said, if all the paperwork is there then it's not an issue, but there is still a big stigma attached to mileage from the general public.

And I'd also second that these cars are the sort of cars that will change hands a lot, as with any performance car will.

I had an a8 once with 9 owners but it had some weird history in its first 3 years as my mate who worked at Audi at the time brought its history up, and it changed owners 5-6 times iirc before it was even out of warranty, not sure if it was owned by Audi to begin with or what but the car was really clean, even the owner of midland VW commented on how clean it was, only got rid because I didn't want to use it for work and it wasn't fun enough for a weekend car, so I got the s4 as a replacement

I guess it's a case of what feels right when you see the car.

Yea over all the things mentioned, buy on condition, they get expensive very quickly when they start to need lots of work doing.

I also have walked away from cars because I don't like the seller, I usually know whether to make a purchase or not within the first 5 or 10 minutes, my daily has just under 200k miles on it and I bought that on condition, I viewed a car with half the mileage and putting them side by side it looked like they had traded odometers.
davey thomas

forum owned that the owner loved more than his misses

davey thomas wrote:
forum owned that the owner loved more than his misses


C J wrote:
a low miler that still needs all the work doing to it.

I know this first hand guys!

High mileage has never bothered me in the slightest.

Service history, condition, feel etc are more important IMO.

You could argue that a low number of owners has meant that the car has been a 'goodun', that the owner has kept it polished and cared for year after year keeping all receipts and history in the process.  

In reality I've seen many one (or very low) owner cars where the owner, having had the car for a number of years has lost enthusiasm for it - it's not special any more and gets treated as such and neglected.

With high owner cars, then provided the history has been kept you could argue that most new owners spend the most on, and lavish the most attention on their cars shortly after they buy them.  Being new to the car they're enthusiastic to keep it looking and driving it's best.  So if it's had lots of owners then that could = lots of attention.

Equally though some might think that a lot of owners means some sort of flaw with that particular car - after all why did they not keep it for longer?

So in short, don't worry about it either way.  Assess the car purely on it's history and condition, and make a judgement about the owner too.  How much do they know about the car, do they appear honest and forthcoming with information, how much you think they've cared for the car?  I rejected an otherwise promising RS4 on my search after the seller, to show me what it could do, 'ragged it' to over 100mph from cold.

That's a good way of looking at it and very helpful, thank you.

i'm guessing you've a fair idea what to look for as you've owned 1 in the    
    Mine has had a few owners but the last 3 were all forum members.
    Good luck with your search.

Choose the colour you want, then find one with the interior/go faster bits you want, man maths the budget, buy it and enjoy it!

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