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WHERE is the Remote Positive Pole in urS6 Engine bay???

Hey guys.
I've had my urS6 for over 15 years now, and i've only JUST found out about the topic post!

The handbook says there is a Remote Positive Pole/Post with a rubber sleeve and cap located near the offside rear of the Engine Bay.
Used for jump starting (to or from the vehicle), so one doesn't have to keep removing the rear bench seat.

It definitely isn't there!!!
Anyone know where it is?


See where the strut bar ends on the left side? (2 silver bolts)

Behind there is that black plastic cap with a "+" marking ontop, its under that

welcome aboard terroristiristo, where abouts are you ????


Well hiya quattrokid!

I'm from Finland and thanks for the welcome.
Been registered here for 2 year now, better late then never?

 slow Internet connection perhaps

A forum requisit is photos of your car please    

Thanks, Guys, but mine definitely hasn't got either of those!!!

Can you see it?????[/img]

Had to ponder for a good few minutes before i notised whats odd in this picture, you have a RHD car

And no, i cant see it :/

Perhaps near the fuse/relay box? Or on the other side of the engine bay 'cos of the RHD setting? Or it hasen't even been fitted to RHD cars?
Just guessing no real facts on this... Forum Index -> Audi urS4/S6 quattro
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