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which S8 as a tow car?

Don't think I want a new new one, but I've seen the size of the boot in an old one - pleanty of room for tools, fuel, etc, and I expect there's enough weight in one to tow an S4 on a trailer, eh?

Which should I get tho? What should I look for? I have no clue so please educate me.
This has to replace my GTR tho, if it's gonna happen at all so it needs to be quick, too.

I have a D2. On lpg and towed my s4 up a very steep hill. Didnt even drop a gear but thats the v8 for you.
Awesome for the job..

Was going to suggest a transit ST with a remap there awesome then read its replacing the gtr so wouldn't be so great lol! Why an S8?

Not fancy a VW T5? Loads of tool and wheel space.

There's a D3 here in my village which I've driven and its feels a fair bit quicker than the D2, which it should obviously having nearly another 100bhp.

Fuel consumption on the V10 is pretty brutal if you gun it. The D2 V8 is a peach and I really liked the one I drove and it still felt pretty quick.

A decent D3 is going to be 18 - 20k. There much less choice to get a decent low mileage D2 but Adrian E on here has a beauty run out model D2 in the for sale section with really low mileage for about 7k. That is such a nice one, I'd personally go for that and save a few quid. The D3 is still a nice option to have if you can live with the thirst.

I have D3 3.0tdi and I love it. I'd personally consider the D3 4.2tdi v8. A simple remap, and its about 380bhp and over 700nm. A real torque monster!!

Good luck with the hunt, the A8 in any guise is a cracking car.

why an s8?

Cos they don't make an RS8?

But seriously - it's a quattro. Nuff said

I'm not definite about this, just thinking about thinking about testing the water.

Heavy on the go go juice I'd have thought a diesel mapped with high torque would be better
nogaro s4

S4Player wrote:
Heavy on the go go juice I'd have thought a diesel mapped with high torque would be better

agree after owning a variety of cars from 420bhp pulsars,600bhp skylines etc the s8 was the most shocking car i every owned in regards to fuel even driving it like a sunday driver the best i ever got was 19mpg's on a 70mph run

in town was 13-15mpg's, towing something id say best to take out shares in a petrol station  

was a lovely car though  

newer 4.2 a8 would piss over an older s8 once it's had a remap

cheaper on fuel and low down grunt will be great for towing

4.2 tdi that is
Adrian E

I just about outran a mapped A6 3.0tdi at GTI Intl in my D2 S8 although I had a fridge in the boot, a pushchair and a baby seat in the back, plus a weekend's worth of luggage!  Revo have a map for the D2 S8 which they don't advertise but the people I know with it reckon it is good.

No '8 is going to set the world alight driving experience-wise but the very latest one looks to be utterly awesome and closer to an RS8 really.  A mapped 4.2tdi would be the sensible choice or you could buy mine for a couple of years use and wait for the new one to drop in price  

Thanks for all the good advice. That's certainly helped.

Looking outside today at 2 inches of snow. Why exactly did I take the winter tyres off the GTR already? Doh.

Adrian's S8 is lovely but for a tow car you'd want the 4.2TDi.
I had it's predecessor, the D3 4.0TDi, as a loaner from Audi when my D2 S8 was off the road for an "extended period" waiting for parts (nuff sed) and it was significantly faster and used an awful lot less fuel.
Wasn't quite the same driving experience though, but pretty awesome nonetheless.
I did say that when I replaced my lovely S8 I'd get a 4.2TDi. I lied, I got another D2 S8. Just because I could. There really is no substitute. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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