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Fireman dan

Which Stainless

Anybody have any preferences?

want it to sound meaty but not like a rev head car.

advice please chappies and chappesses

many thanks in advance

Hello Fireman Dan,
        My first thought is towards Milltek but maybe they don't do one for the S8, not sure.

If not you're pretty local to me and I know of an ex F1 exhaust fabricator who is now working alone and has history on many other road and race cars.
I'm sure he could do whatever you asked of him.

Fireman dan

That sounds like a plan.

Just sold an M5 V8 that had miltek

Sounded awesome.


i have a milltek on mine decated and maped it sounds the nuts not to loud
Fireman dan

Does it go well?

Crazy how quick these big old buses are.

Pick mine up next week.


my mates got an m5 and i give him hard time had mine for 3 years now
better on fuel aswell
Fireman dan

Can't wait. Will post pics when it arrives.

It has gear shift on steering wheel.

Is that std on S8?


yes on facelift ones i think
Fireman dan

Cheers for advice. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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