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rs6 hib

Which turbo will suit this set up tuners advice please

I'm looking at tte600 or 780s at the moment I have rs6 oem on the car any one with similar setup could tell me what spool up is like etc as I don't want car really leggy
What sort of realistic power am I looking at with 99oct fuel with these turbos

Is worth lowering compression with gasket can any tuners advise  

The engine is assembled with:
- Oversized pistons Mahle Motorsport 81.5, stock stroke, 9.0:1 bought and installed brand new with piston rings and piston bolts
- Engine block bored and honed
- forged rods Maxspeedingrods
- new main, rod and thrust bearings from Mahle and Kolbenschmidt
- brand new 2.5TDI oil pump(upgrade for 2.7T, same as the TTD one) with new wheel, chain and tensioner all brand new and OE from Audi
- head bolts Elring
- head gasket Elring
2.8 Inlet cams
- head from 2.4 30V BDV engine fully rebuild(crack and leak free) with new valve seals and guides, new hydraulic lifter from INA, new sport intake and exhaust valves from Rosten Performance, new uprated valve springs from FCP Performance, new titanuim retainers from Rosten performance, new cam chain tensioner from Vaico, new cam chains from Audi and all new gaskets and seals including the valve cover gaskets
- measured and polished crankshaft
- Silly Rabit Motorsport bearing girdle with ARP main studs
- new oil level sensor in the oil pan
- every gasket, seal and O-ring has been changed
- new one way oil valves in the V under the crankcase breather, new crankcase breather gasket
- brand new spark plugs
- brand new lambdas
- brand new cam phase sensors
- brand new knock sensors
- brand new crackshaft sensor
- brand new crankshaft timing gear pulley and bolt
- full serives including new tensioners for the timing and service belts from INA, brand new Ina timing belt and service belt, new Thermostat, new water pump, new pulleys....
- brand new MAF, not refurbished bought 3-4 months ago
- new coolant temperature sensors
- Apikol mount at the front of the engine used for 10-12 monthts
- fully revised engine starter and alternator
new Fluidampr pulley
Full 63mm the tuner inlet pipes and y s
Nial tubular exhaust manis
Rs4 inlet mani
Devils own meth
rs6 hib

Anyone offer advice on this

Weather I can get away with this compression ratio
Or is it best to fit lower compression gasket

I have mrc mapped ecu for that set up mate with dyno

Was on waheed s4 with rs4 engine and rs6 stage 2 turbos

710ps with 800nm

Cost around 750 to get mapped by MRC


why not just retain the RS6 turbos?
rs6 hib

Surely the the hybrids will pick up faster etc
And oem rs6 won't make any where near as much will they
rs6 hib

Set up

Shamx1166 wrote:
I have mrc mapped ecu for that set up mate with dyno

Was on waheed s4 with rs4 engine and rs6 stage 2 turbos

710ps with 800nm

Cost around 750 to get mapped by MRC


Can you pm me exact set up please

why would a hybrid spool faster?

Bigger wheels require more energy to turn them, and so you get a higher boost threshold and more lag.
rs6 hib

ok so a standard rs6 will spool faster than a tte600 or rs6 hybrid

what about my compression ratio
rs6 hib

be good to here if any one has gone from a ko4 setup to a tte600 or tte780 and here there thoughts on the pick up and drivibilaty of the car

I have done oem k04, hybrids k04rs6, oem RS6 , tte780
Tuned myself
I have logs on all of these.
Here is a log comparing oem rs6 vs tte780
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