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Which would you go for an why?


New here and I'm about to take the plunge and get an B6 S4 for a little while.

I'm looking at a few cars and wanted to gauge opinion on the more sensible option.

Would you buy Car A higher mileage (150k) car with the timing chain tensioners, etc, done or Car B much lower mileage (80k) car without?

Both are around the same price, both have full service history and lots of receipts  - Car A looks pretty tidy, Car B is more what I was looking for (avant, interior, extras).

My first thought was to go for Car A, but now I'm thinking it's got 150k on the clock - there is a lot more chance that there are numerous other things near to needing replacing. My current Audi is approaching 180k and requires a fair bit of regular work. So maybe I should go with Car B, looks after it and keep my fingers crossed for the short time I might have it? (can't justify doing the work myself as I'll only have the car about a year before circumstances will mean I have to change it)

Any advice appreciated.

No brainer for me. I would go for the lower mileage example. If you're only keeping for a year it's potentially a safe bet nothing major will go wrong and the residuals will be much better when you come to sell. And I always think an Avant is more practical and more adaptable to lifestyle changes (dogs, kids, runs to the dump, Ikea visits etc.).

Car with almost half the mileage!

Cheers for the replies - that was my first instinct.

I guess reading too much gave me the tensioner fear! Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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