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Whose was this car?

was someone on RS246....think it sold privately for 28k during 2012, mileage was the same back then, so either its been wound back, or its a different car .... but cant be too many Monza silver MRC tuned C6's with 70k miles !

Thanks mate. This AK performance company have got some lovely cars on it.

Maybe clocked to last mot/service , very common at moment with traders, Really does annoy me, you never get to know right miles for stuff like cambelts, filters etc, and that when big problems occur!

or i could be wrong and it been parked up for while, cos that what id do, spend 30k and not use lol

Oooohhhhh. I like that.  Just what ill be after when I get back into s/rs ownership Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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