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Why i shouldn't

Please, please, please can someone sway me away from these demonic thoughts i keep getting.

I have a heavily modded b5 s4 which i love. It was my daily 'till i bought a b5 tqs for a new daily.

So this is my dilema....i have the two cars above and a couple of classics for a bit of weekend fun. The noggy tqs is a lovely daily but it bores me tbh.

I keep looking at 4.2tdi a8's and the more i look, the more i want one. The wife says my balls are gone if i increase the fleet.

Help me out guys...

Surely a mapped 4.2tdi is no match for the noggy?

Professor Peach

You don't have to 'increase' the fleet if you ditch the tqs and buy the 8. It's a practical family car, with an economical tractor engine. Surely no more justification is needed. Go for it! 'Man Maths' is your friend!

Mr peach

You just made my mind up...thankyou.

As an s8 owner, have you driven the oil burning 8's..and if so, can you put into a few words how they compare to the S ?

Professor Peach

As an s8 owner, have you driven the oil burning 8's..and if so, can you put into a few words how they compare to the S ?

Dirty, smelly, noisy!  

To be honest Simon, I've never owned an oil burner and driven very few (occasional hire cars/work cars). The owners over on the dark side (A8Parts forum) speak very highly of them however and they appear to be robust and refined (especially the 4.2 I gather). I think you'll find it a very special place to spend time!

I came from a K04'd B5, so like me, you'll find the 8 a very different type of car. Nothing like as fast, but still no slouch and the quality of everything makes up for that (as I get older).

I drove a D3 A8 diesel for several months, it was excellent and very quiet.

It was "only" the old 4.0 engine, not the much better 4.2 and was still comparable in performance to my D2 S8.

I keep looking at the the TDi A8s too

A neighbour has one, and I keep staring at it.

I'm 42.

Not that I should be encouraging you to buy anything that uses Satan's fuel but there is one for sale over at the aforementioned A8 Parts

Need to log in to view 😢

Yes and i'm !

However, Piston, the flea and Auto have a selection of heavies in the 7k-9k bracket. Some 3.0 even cheaper.

Think i'm gonna bite the bullitt and get one. Just hope the box wont bore me to hell...just ordered an x3 trippy tronnicky thingy aswell for the wife/family car.

Gonna take my time with my choice on this one...maybe long enough to consider the v10

Thanks for all the input guys

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