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Wide body s4 you all know it......need gone asap bagain

Must go. No bull....... I'm standing in hospital right now with the death of my mum.

My dad has no money for funeral .

Here is the car

Owes me 25k ...... first person to give me 11.500 come and get it asap.

Not sure where the service books are etc but I will.find them and forward them on at earliest convenience.......

This is a genuine post


Text if interested today please as still at hospital . I need to get this gone and give my mum a proper send off

Oh man, really sorry to read that.  Good luck, hope it goes quickly.

I'm sorry to hear that Baz, my condolences.

I'm sure you don't want to sell it but it shouldn't hang around at that price. It's a shame you're not more local as I'm tempted.

Just an idea but maybe a pawn broker could be an option too, as that way you get the choice to buy her back?

All the best.

Would other members donate towards the funeral so Baz can keep his s4 and give his beloved mother a good send off.

I would donate!

It's not charity just the forum family pulling together for a fellow member.

11500 shouldn't take too long. This thread has already had 148 views. 100 in each and job done!

Feel you you buddy

I'd be willing to donate.

Really sorry to hear that mate and that is an absolute steal at that money

Appreciate what you were thinking.

Gutted to say the car is now sold . Big hit but my mum deserves a top send off.

I may return in the future with another but right now nothing matters
Dave A

stbaz wrote:
Appreciate what you were thinking.

Gutted to say the car is now sold . Big hit but my mum deserves a top send off.

I may return in the future with another but right now nothing matters

I hope whoever has bought it gives you the option to buy it back at a non-inflated price in the future should they ever sell it.

Exactly. I hope they are just holding it for you until you can buy back your pride and joy.  Very sorry to hear about your mum.

My condolences, sad news indeed. Agreed that a buy back option would be very considerate of the new owner.

It's not someone I know buying I and it's not staying in Scotland.

Christ baz that's poor news!

As lovely as it is, it's just a car!

Sure you mother would be very proud of you!

Condolences for your loss

Condolences mate, never good when a family member passes,

Chin up and give her an amazing send off.

I was looking at this earlier at work thinking about buying it.


Sorry for your loss

Condolencies to you and your family


Condolences to you and your family.

You've got some great skills mate look forward to seeing your next build project.

Baz so sorry to read this. Condolences to you and your family.

Very sorry for your loss mate. Someone got a lovely car. Was a credit to you.

Sorry to hear this terrible news too.

Condolences to you and the family.

So sorry to hear this Baz, I lost my Mum and Dad a few years back very tough times, my condolences to you and the family keep your chin up mate.

Condolences to you and your family.

Thank you all

Sorry to hear of your loss baz, I send my condolences to you and your family.  I bought MRO after I lost my dad. I hope your wb has gone to a good home.

Sorry 2 hear Baz, sending my regards to your family

Who ever it is that bought the car I c*nt thank you enough. It's 1am and that's the driver just left here with the car . Thanks for the needed hassle free sale .

Well, who ever it is that bought your car has not only a great resto but more importantly, a testament to what a guy you are. I have no doubt that your Mum would be so proud and your Dad not only proud but really appreciative of your selfless support. An example that most of us should look up to.

Thanks. It's just what you have to do sometimes

Sorry to hear about your loss.  

Is the new owner local?

Thoughts are with you buddy, sorry to hear the sad news.

Just catching up with the forum.... So sorry to hear your news Baz!!!!  My thoughts are with you and yours.  Hope your car has found a good home. It was/is a belter.  All the best bud.

Thank you 😢

sorry for the late reply
sorry to hear about your loss

Thanks guys

Sorry to hear this bud, do her proud man!!!

Sorry to hear your sad news buddy. Don't worry about the car. It's a very honourable thing you've done and I hope your mum has a great send off. All the best mate.

Thanks chaps. I will be back with another sometime . Forum Index -> Cars for Sale
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