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Will an S8 D2 cope with ET35 offset wheels?

Hello all - thinking one of you knowledgeable chaps might know the answer to this.

Will an S8 D2 stand ET35 offset 8.5j wheels without there being issues, the car would be standard ride height? I appreciate this would be like fitting 13mm spacers to the standard 18" avus wheels so I'm not sure and don't have a car (yet) to try them on.

I have 15mm spacers all round on my B5 S4 avant running D2 S8 18" avus which has been lowered 40mm (not my choosing, like that when it came and will be going up anytime soon!) without any issues but different car, different geometry so not a sound basis for comparison.

All wisdom gratefully received.

Many thanks.

I would have thought you'd have loads of room.
If you have access to the A8 forum ask there as there are several "residents" with quite large/wide wheels and spacers.

I have the standard FE 20's on mine with 255 width tyres and there's still tons of clearance. Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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