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Will C6 RS6 brakes go on a C6 S6 V10 5.2?

This is possibly an obvious question to those in the know but are C6 RS6 bakes a straight swap onto a C6 S6 2007 MY?

Ive recently bought the latter and love it to pieces but find the brakes wanting in power.

Also, the aftermarket disc and pad choices for the S6 seem very limited - the only discs I can seem to find are Pagid via the dreaded ECP (and not a fan of EBC pads generally)                                                                               The occasionally available ATE / Teves manufactured parts seem extremely scarce and the Ebay advertised Bilstien/Febi parts just don't exist!

Even though the RS parts are more expensive as aftermarket options they are at least more widely available and from more manufacturers and (hopefully) are a good deal more powerful than the standard S6 set up.

In an ideal world Im looking for a direct fit solution without the need for shims and spacers - hence the RS to S swap idea.

Any advice gratefully received....

Thanks - John Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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