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Fireman dan

wing mirror glass replacement

Both my mirror glass need replacing.

They have gone a funny orange colour.

Can't see sod all through them.

Common problem from what I gather

Could anybody advise best place to buy replacements

Many thanks.

Sounds like they're probably dimming variety. They are horrendously expensive to replace.
You can buy non-dimming versions from many places at more sensible prices. Last lot I bought were from eBay, about 30 each IIRC heated, non-dimming.
Adrian E


Do you want auto dimming or happy with plain/tinted glass?

If you want auto dimming there's little point buying used unless it's clear and obviously replaced since the car was new.  The difference in price between new and used is not great.  Used they sell for 90-100 each!

Genuine mirror glass non-dimming is about 37 a side.

Easy to spot the auto dimming variety as it has a black border around the glass.

I can tell you the correct part numbers for your mirrors if you want to try an ebay search?  I would assume you've got a convex mirror on the nearside and wide angle on the offside?

Did you confirm the paint code on your car?
Fireman dan

Will be happy with just heated glass. Non auto dimming
Adrian E

Assuming your car is post 4D-2-004051 VIN then clear glass rather than blue tint will be the factory spec equiv for what you have now.

Nearside will be convex and part number is 8d0857535S

Offside is aspherical wide angle 8d0857536AE
Fireman dan

Mega. Have found on eBay.


Many thanks.

I've dealt with that seller in the past; seems to know what he's doing.
Adrian E

I had that one in my watch list but ordered from the main dealer as I thought I'd get it quicker.  Not proving to be the case at the moment! Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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