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WMI on C6 RS6

There is not much definitive WMI info about the C6 RS6, so I thought I might share my findings, perhaps they are of use to someone.

Had a chance to test what difference it makes on a hardware wise bone stock C6 RS6 and the difference turned out quite a bit.

Stock with a Stage 1 map, and slow ramp rate on the dyno, to simulate tall long WOT runs, the highest stable HP was at 720 PS. With faster sweep I saw numbers as high as 750, but those were only dyno numbers, as it got too hot for my liking with that state of tune.

With an Aquamist HFS-3 system, running a good amount of WMI and mapping the boost and ignition to suit the result came out as 809 PS. This is also with a long sweep. What is interesting to note, that the difference between a short sweep and a long sweep resulted in a power difference of only 8 PS (809 vs 817 PS), because the meth cools the intake charge much better.

With the ECU flashed back to standard and with the meth switched off the car made 581 PS.

Here is also a dyno plot meth vs stock, unfortunately I do not have a graph saved of just the Stage 1 tune, so you will have to take my word for it.

The WMI has an additional bonus of keeping the FSI intake valves clean and shiny, as well as much stronger performance in summer. Due to the HFS-3 system having a failsafe output to the ECU, it was also possible to run dual maps in the ECU, so you have +90 PS on-demand via the button on the Aquamist controller, as well as automatic map switching to the "meth-free map" should the meth run out and the failsafe trip, making it 100% safe.

That's great info

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