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Would you buy a B6 S4 with 250k miles?

Hi folks, I've been away a while but looking to come back to the Audi fold with a B6 S4.

I've found one with full Audi history and 250k miles. Looks nice enough, and obviously cheap. I've not inspected it yet, but wondered if I'm bonkers even thinking about it?

My T25 has 180k and the Corrado 230k, so high miles don't bother me too much per se.

Would be glad to hear thoughts!

If it's had the chain and tensioners done I'd consider it

kylebrady wrote:
If it's had the chain and tensioners done I'd consider it

Bang on

Yeah, I would. Probably just run-in.

Well, at least there's no turbo fairy to bite you in the arse!

Going to see tonight. Chaps says Audi confirmed the history but can't access the job sheets to see the detail. Said there is a slight vibration that might be a gearbox or engine mount. Let's see how this goes!

It would either have to be extremely cheap or you'd need a thorough PPI.

Bear in mind a lot of the original components (and even some of their replacements) would be well worn. Sometimes these components might not be obviously failing but any sort of joint (suspension, steering, transmission, braces, etc.) will become sloppy over time so it would be worth driving a younger, well-maintained example for comparison.

Also, 250k is enough for a second timing service to be required.

Thanks. I've had a B5 S4 and driven low miles B6 and B7s,  hoping I'll be able to get a feel for it. Only need it for a year to lug stuff about until we have finished building our house.  Has a fresh MoT, . New rocker gaskets and windscreen apparently...

So just viewed it.  Drove remarkably well for the miles. Front end had been bumped and repaired, slight miss from the engine when flat out,  rear shocks need done and very light vibration through steering at may speeds.  Inside was dirty but not abused dirty. Spare was there and warning triangle etc and fully stamped Audi history.

Good for miles but not cheap enough.  Alas I'll need to keep waiting for a well priced one. Thanks for input everyone. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B6 & B7) quattro
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