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Wow - great insurance

It's that time of year again when the dreaded renewal notice lands on my doorstep. As most people, I discovered even though I've another years ncb and licence (which isn't very long   ), my premium has gone up? eh??

So, to the phone. Quotes ranging from a rediculous 2000 to a nice 500.
Then Jake from Adrian Flux him all the details and mentions I'm a forum member, hey presto - bargain price!!!

Very many thanks and well done Jake  

I am with Adrian flux and too be honest will be staying...100 cheaper then swift cover and that's declaring mods whereas swift cover was standard car and still dearer...result..

I've just had my S4 insured via Adrian Flux, all mods declared and well under 800

Cant beat ummm I had a heavily modded Astra GTE insured with them year ago for back then agreed valve 10k spent about 25k on her and every year shopped around but no one every beat their price.

Laptop is a brill by the way Ryan

Great price but fail to deliver as promised!! I was guaranteed the certificate to tax my car, however on two occasions phoned and still no certificate!!! Not good IMO
pdh 14a

Its a lottery with them! Got my 320 bhp 200sx with them for 400ish But they wanted over 600 for the standard S4, got 3 other quotes from other companies at between 300 and 340 Forum Index -> Adrian Flux Insurance
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