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Yamz's Avus RS4 B5

I have wanted to create a members thread for some time now but I haven't got round to it, until CJ pretty much told me to! This first post is about the ups and down's that I have had getting my car to this point. I want to keep this thread as neutral as possible and leave out some controversial facts about some of the people that I have dealt with along the way. All I will say is, do not believe the hype, go in with your eyes open, and your wallet clutched tight.

This is what I have done to this car to date.

Just to give you a bit of history, I bought my RS4 B5 in February 2015 and since then it has been a constant struggle to put right what others have neglected or done wrong.

When I bought the car it only had 71,000 miles on the clock from ASM in Worcestershire.

Despite the poor service / people skills that ASM offered, I knew the car was a genuine low mile example, HPI clear and honest so I made the transaction; my clean S4 B6 Avant as a part-ex plus cash.

After two minutes of driving the RS4 I knew it had potential, even though it was slower than my previous JHM'd S4 V8 in standard form. The RS felt lighter and more fun. I fell in love with those wide arches and I had missed the way a turbo car felt. I love the noises, the lag and the feel of the surge that pushes you into your seat.

Once I got home I found that the AUX Belt hadn't been changed whilst doing the agreed cambelt change, this got me wondering if the cambelt had been done at all and after several people telling me to take the car to Unit 20 for a health check, I did.

Lee at Unit 20 went through my car and listed everything down that needed doing. A whole two pages of it. Most of this was meant to have been done by ASM as they promised they would check the brakes and would replace the pads at a minimum due to a MOT failure. Lee found the discs and pads hadn't been changed and instead the pad sensor wires had been cut in the ABS looms which go into the car! The other main point was that pretty much every bush under the car had excessive play and shouldn't have passed the MOT.

After taking advice from Unit 20 I tried to get in contact with ASM but they weren't taking any of my calls and they still had my RS4 up for sale on their website months after. I was getting nowhere fast and this car was my daily driver so I decided to learn from this and to get the car sorted myself. I rebooked the car back into Unit 20 a month later for a cambelt and cam inspection as they were not able to do this at the time of the health check. I dropped the car off with Unit 20 and they called me hours later with good and bad news. The good news was that the cambelt itself had been changed (which was a relief). The bad news, when they lifted a rocker cover off the engine was full of oil sludge which can only be caused by lack of oil changes. According to Unit 20 the sludge had blocked up most of the oil galleries, causing the sprockets to wear on most likely all of the cams. As a result of this the cam chains were in danger of slipping off the teeth. Unit 20 attempted to clean one of the heads but ran out of time and asked if I could book myself in again in another month's time. I asked if it would be OK to drive the car for a month and Martin said it would as long as I took it easy.

I dropped the oil twice in the meantime to try and help with the sludge clean up before it went back in for further work. Back at Unit 20 Martin confirmed that the heads were both clean and they had flushed the engine a few times to make sure the galleries were now clean. Martin also said that I needed four new cams, two new cam tensioners, three timing chains and a pair of rocker cover gaskets. After paying for those big bills, I knew I still had to save up for new brakes, new tyres and a suspension refresh throughout.

Over the next few months I did a fair bit of research and replaced the common valves / parts that can give issues.

Diverter Valves
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Vacuum lines

I obtained some second hand B7 RS4 Discs that only had covered a few hundred miles from Unit 20, and I found a matching set of B7 RS4 calipers which I then had professionally restored by who did a tidy job!

I decided to keep the standard rear brake setup as the B7 rear brake setup looked like a fair bit of work for a minor gain. I purchased some new genuine rear calipers and discs. I also purchased some HEL brake conversion hoses for the front and Pagid Brake pads for all-round the car.

This time I booked the car in with AwesomeGTI in Manchester as I was impressed with their service when they fitted springs and mapped my Passat a few years ago. A week after getting booked in the new brakes were on, along with new backing plates. The whole braking system was flushed out and Motul DOT 5.1 Long Life Brake Fluid was put in. AwesomeGTI had to replace both front ABS looms (the full bit that goes from the hubs into the wings) as ASM had cut these up. That aside I think the brakes look awesome!

I then purchased a full Lemforder front refresh kit from Jason at All German CarParts and had these fitted by my local garage. At the same time I purchased the full rear refresh kit from Jason, which I have yet to fit.
After spending more money on the car (mainly in tyres and fresh paint on the front bumper), and at this point having fallen in love with this 15 year old piece of metal / rubber / plastic thing, I decided I wanted to keep it long term, with the aim to get my RS4 up to what some people call a 'Stage 3' spec on the standard turbos, which loosely includes the following.

Larger Downpipes,
Milltek Cat Back or similar,
Uprated fuel pump,
Uprated injectors,
Uprated Intercoolers or FMIC.
Stage 3 remap.

Whilst financially trying to get back onto my feet, after stretching to by the car of my dreams and having all those problems early on, I started with a boost gauge which was a nice cheap mod to do. I believe that a car with an RS badge should have a boost gauge as standard, so I wanted to make one up to fit in with the OEM dial-look. I found a NewSouth gauge that looked quite OEM. I then sourced a used centre dash vent and went balls out with a Dremel! I'm pretty happy with the result!

The next port of call was the exhaust. I opted for a Milltek Res Back and I ordered a set of Niall's 3" Downpipes with RS4/RS6 turbo flanges to keep my options open for the future.

I've got to say I am very impressed with Niall's work. Just have a look at the pictures he sent me when he was working on them!

You can see why people view bigger downpipes as the gateway to more power, just look at the difference in size!

I had the exhaust fitted at my local garage. We spent pretty much all day doing this as I thought it was a good idea to retain the OEM downpipe heatsheilds. A word to the wise, just leave them off like other people do. They also make it harder to do the SAI delete afterwards.

I then bought the following from Eddie at WOTMotorsport. A good person to buy goodies from!

Bosch 044 Fuel Pump with 034 Clamp Kit
875cc Deka Shorts
Weighted Gear Knob

At this point, I was reading the current new AudiTuner magazine and came across CJ and his fully packaged black RS4 B5. This car really struck a chord with me as he had a similar performance spec to what I was aiming for in the future. Like a weird stalker, I sent CJ a PM to congratulate him on getting his car into AudiTuner, and to basically say what a nice car it was and well done etc.

After many messages back and two I found that CJ is a very knowledgeable mechanic who has been in the trade for many years (I won't say in case it makes you feel even older CJ!). I asked if he could help me fit a Tanoga Short Shift kit which I had purchased a week earlier. The next week I drove to Nottingham and CJ fitted the Tanoga under the time it took me to drink a belting cuppa made by his mum!

Meeting CJ was a breath of fresh air at the time as when talking to him you know he has a real passion for these cars and he has a want to help people out. Despite the tough exterior he is actually a softy! When I was about to leave the social hub that is CJ's house, he shouted me over and said "Get in". As soon as he said that all of the good guys that where standing around kicking tyres chuckled under their breath; as if to say he has no idea what is about to happen.

Once his RS had warmed up CJ took me for a 10 minute blast down some B roads to show me what 500bhp feels like in one of these cars. I can't put it into words how fast it was. And the sound of the flatshift! WOW! We got back and pulled up at his place and everyone was laughing at my face and the fact they heard the pops and bangs of the flatshift miles away! This was a good day

The Tanoga Short Shift Kit for me was a big improvement over the standard shift. Obviously the throw is shorter, but the shift now feels tighter and much more precise. If you were to only change one thing on your RS, this would be it. Thank you Tanoga for engineering such a nice piece of kit!

So, things were starting to go well for me. I booked in my car again with CJ to have the Bosch 044 fuel pump, SAI delete and a new Spider Hose to be fitted. I got to CJ's with pretty much next to nothing left in the tank so to make it easier for him to work in the tank.

CJ thought I was bringing a V8 Basket with me as this is the way it's usually done. After having a quick glace of the instructions CJ was impressed at the quality of the CNC machining and the fact that 034 Motorsport had come up with a way around of the V8 baskets which are no longer available. The pump out in no time at all, CJ and his wingman Ric where both like kids with new happy meal toys, seeing how the clamp fitted into the original basket. Clever stuff.

Here's a picture that shows the new Bosch 044 Pump with the clamp, sitting in the RS4 B5 basket. To the right is the original pump for size comparison.

The new pump setup was then dropped into the car, CJ and Ric then went about installing the SAI Delete and New Spider Hose. The jobs were done whilst I was perving at cars of forum members Appo_ryder and s4bam. Whilst geeking out on what s4bam had done to his S4 and what he was planning to do, he caught wind that I just had my fuel pump removed to make way for a 044. His face dropped and eyes opened. 5 minutes later I had sold my fuel pump! - Sorry Appo_ryder!

Again this was another successful visit to CJ's.

The following day I modified a spare bottom half of an RS4 airbox which I purchased earlier from Jimbo.

I fitted this and just used a new Bosch paper filter, this will be enough for me to see the 500BHP mark that I'm after.

This little guy seems to like B5's too!

Next on the list was to look into the charge cooling and also to revise the braking setup that I was using. I researched around different intercooler setups, custom SMIC's, FMIC's and Wagners. Wagners appealed more to me because they are designed to utilise the factory intercooler locations so there would be no need to relocate my oil cooler and cut my bumper. Also reading Jon Murgie's build page (, I was impressed that they dropped his cars charge temps from peak of 75C to just a peak of 39C, with a gain of 27bhp/11ftlb prior to mapping. I decided to go ahead with the Wagners so CJ ordered these on my behalf.

When I originally had the brakes installed I opted for Pagid pads, thinking that these are the OEM spec pads for the heavier RS4 B7 which these brakes are fitted to as standard. I was never really impressed with the braking performance of the 8 Pots and thought I'd wasted my money because I believed the hype of what I had read. After speaking to CJ he couldn't believe that I had put Pagid pads in there and recommended to invest in some Ferodo racing DS2500 pads all round.

At this point I had booked myself onto the VAG Tuner Live track session with AudiSRS at Donnington, so I wanted my brakes to be working as they should, so I went ahead and bought the pads I needed from who were considerably cheaper than everyone else.

This weekend I visited CJ once again to have just the Wagner's fitted but took my new pads with me in case we had the time. CJ had kept the Wagner box unopened so think I could have the sad pleasure of unboxing the treasure. I thought that was a nice idea!

My close friend Diarmuid came along for the ride this time and we both couldn't get over how nicely put together these kits are.

Look at the size difference to that of the RS4 intercoolers that are fitted to this lovely S4.

CJ said he would be on this for a good chunk of time and suggested for me to go into Nottingham for the day to kill some time. Diarmuid and I went to see The Nice Guys at the Showcase Cinema, definitely worth a watch!

Had a text from CJ a few hours later to say he had fitted the intercoolers and he had swapped out my pads! The car was ready!

CJ and Ric mentioned that it was one of the easier Wagner installs that they have done, everything pretty much just lined up first time. There were some little issues that where pointed out such as missing grille clips but CJ had a spare set of these in stock, and the painter who resprayed my bumper didn't use the correct bolts in certain places which CJ had since put right for me.

Once again CJ and Ric had done a really nice job working on my car and I couldn't be happier!

On the drive back home you could feel the slight increase in power from the Wagners. Also my boost gauge which used to show 15psi now shows 17psi despite still running on the standard map. I guess this is because Wagners are more efficient?

I also took full advantage of the drive back to really stamp on the brakes a few times to bed in the new pads. There is a definite improvement here now; I can actually lock up the brakes if I press hard. Even a slight touch of the brake pedal now, has the same effect of what my old brakes used to be when I stood on them.

Without getting emotional, I feel like I'm getting somewhere with this car now and big progress has been made in the last few months and CJ, you have played a big part in this. Your patience with my thousand and one questions, and your skill as a mechanic on these cars, so big thanks to you dude!

After all those words, we are now up to date as to where I am with the car. I'm booked in with Rick at Unicorn Motor Developments on the 1st of July to have the injectors fitted and the car mapped.
Watch this space!

Time for a brew I think.


That's how you do a write up, excellent  

Nice little write up . Good to see you are getting it to how you want after that initial setback  

Nice write up . I too have brought a set of Nials downpipes and a pair of wagers . Interesting to hear that  the wagners in some cases  are not straight forward to fit .

Nice write up.
What a really nice rs you have.just dont ruin it lol.

s4bam wrote:
Nice write up.
What a really nice rs you have.just dont ruin it lol.

Don't worry dude I won't  

Great write up!

Nice mods so far, good to hear CJ can walk the walk...........  

Soz Flower, couldn't resist.

Keep up the good work

Excellent write up.

Love that last picture, you can see why there were so popular in avus.

Excellent write up.

Love that last picture, you can see why there were so popular in avus.

Nialls stuff is tops, he did my DP's and links pipes also did my manifolds.

He lives not far from me so it was a no brainer.

Great write up bud ! And CJ is a top fella.
Very similar to my spec ! You will love the extra power

I'm off work today so I thought I'd swap out the yellowed header tank for a new item. Its only a small job but its been on my radar for a long time now!

Before and after...

Big difference!

Also wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments thus far!

lynchy / stuartx - Are you glad you gave your car more power?

yamz89 wrote:
Also wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments thus far!

lynchy / stuartx - Are you glad you gave your car more power?

It seemed mad not to when a turbo went.

I already a stage 2 map, 3" DP's and a Miltek plus X34 intake so went to town on it with TTE550's.

But to answer that question, hell yeah!

A big update coming over the next month or so. Major work being carried out!


Ooh .what's going on here then ?

dhali wrote:
Ooh .what's going on here then ?

Engine removed from car?.............

Dave A

Good to see some progress  

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