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PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:51 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, I have just driven the barge back to Cornwall, almost a final swansong for her. But what a trip!

Rich turned up yesterday and we spent and hour or so talking about my exsisting map and what i felt and what I would like to be different.

The original map was always very strong and torquey but I felt it was a little hit and miss, the power delivery was irratic at times and the torque came at you in mahoosive lumps that threatened to dislodge your head and leave the gearbox behind. That said, it has served me bloody well for the last 2 years and considering that I have continued to tinker without having the map altered, it has done a great job and not many things got the better of her.

We went to my favorite test track and commenced to do some logs on the original map and Rich talked me thorough everything and what he was doing- although he may have well been talking Zwahili.
After a number of runs Rich worked his black magic and instantainously the car felt better.
The IT's were high with an ambient of 28+deg but still she pulled and pulled.
The power delivery was progressive and smooth and not petering out until the red line gear change and  then it started all olver again, just fantastic, no big dumps of torques, no strange engine behavior, just absolute controlled power delivery.
I was astonished that it actually made the car faster!
Although power gains were minimal about 10hp- please remember that the car was running pretty much all you will get out of one of these without turbines and manifolds- the power that is there is just a pleasure to use now, rather than screwing your eyes shut and muttering "ooooh feck, that felt/sounded hard"
On our return, Rich then spent an hour going through every little detail and ensuring that the map and all was perfect.

On my 300 mile trip home today, I can vouch for that......

Thanks Rich, Sorry to be selling her now, but at least I know now whoever buys her will be buying probably on of the best mechanically sound RS6's on the market with the best possible map and power available.

I love you and want your babies.


You know that feeling, like when you've shagged someone you shouldn't have.........?

I need "RS fir my Bargehole"
Ok.... so a 3.0l TDI A5  will have do do for now..... (it is DD red tho!)
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