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Car: C6 RS6 Avant
Power: 907hp
Torque: 830ft/lbs

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:50 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

lambo4vw wrote:
who tuned your car ?? also how do you find the size of the car into bends quick ?? as i couldn't take the piss on a test drive ..


Mine is virtually the same power as the OP's (see Sig) and mine was done at MRC and cost 2k for the ECU & TCU remap, Secondary Cat removal (bit of con really - see below) and the labour/dyno etc.

Secondary Cats - MRC use Supersprint bypasses and charge 450 for the part, it's 300 from Supersprint direct (plus 20 shipping!)

Power - Stage 2 is the sweet-spot for "cost vs performance" - anything extra very quickly costs multiple thousands for minor gains. Stage 2 feels like an explosion compared to stock, trust me, Map it!!!!

Handling - Yes it's known a "barge" and no it's not as nimble as the B7 but it's got phenomenal grip in the twistys. It's better on slightly wider A-Roads rather than country lanes but it handles very well (plus I've tracked mine so know it's limits). The "bad" things are these -

1. Weight transfer - Going around a single corner it's fine but going through chicanes is more scary as the damn thing weights 2 tons and doesn't like "flicking" between directions. Under braking the rear becomes very light so be careful of turning under heavy brakes.

2. Zero feeling - There is absolutely zero feedback from the steering. I can only tell how close I am to the limit by listening to the MPSS tyres. If they squeal then you're right at the limit for understeer.

I found it handles better if you take the corners "under-power" so trail throttle rather than trail brake, i.e. if you brake hard then turn in and at about 1/4 of the way through (before the apex) start to slowly feed the power in and then as soon as the apex is past mash the throttle, then it'll grip and go. If you go with zero throttle it tends to understeer a bit.

3. No powersliding - I'm an ex-drifter (450hp R34) so I love a bit of tail out action but, while you pop the back out for a little tiny bit, the quattro drags it right back into line. Plus with the huge amount of grip you can't "play" mid-corner, it's too grippy for that.

So overall, very grippy, very heavy, no feeling & very/stupidly/ridiculously fast - Awesome but the handling is a disappointment for most B7 owners.

Click to view -

Old - Daytona C5 RS6 Avant - 500hp & 550ft/lbs - MRC'd

New - Daytona C6 RS6 Avant - 907HP & 830ft/lbs - MRC'd
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Car: 2002 B5 RS4
Power: 430 bhp
Torque: Whatever
Engine code: BHP

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Good mini review Ian

Fancy a new lifetime residual revenue stream?

Pm me.
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