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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:25 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

ive done an inventory of everything I have for sale , its a job ive been putting off for a very long time so here goes. if you see anything you want ask me for a price as it will take me forever to price everything individually. everything is from a b5 rs4 with a few s4 parts thrown in where stated

Starter motor
Ac compressor
Fornt crank pulley
Front bumper supports

Ac compressor bracket
Gearbox mounts
Front rubber top mounts
Oil-water heat exchanger
O/S front drive shaft heatshield
N/S front drive shaft heatshield
Propshaft heatshield
Rear driveshaft heatshield
Viscous fan pulley and casting
Pas pump alloy bracket

Tailgate gas struts
Gearbox spacer
Brake servo
Downpipe heatshields
Bonnet hinges
Esp ecu
S4 handbrake cables
Knock sensors
N/S anti roll bar front casting
O/S anti roll bar front casting
Turbo water feed an return lines
Pas pump alloy pulley
Front abs sensors

Wiper motor
Battery tray
Oil pump

Rear upper suspension arms
Rear crank casting and oil seal
N/S lower metal charge pipe
Front spring
Front hub flange
Engine mount block castings
Viscous fan
Front strut top alloy castings

S4 lower intercooler rubber hoses
Rear hub flange
N/S turbo outlet double 90 degree rubber hose
O/S turbo outlet straight rubber hose
Fan speed controller
Snub mount and castings
Front seat mounts
Bonnet release cable with rubber grommet and handle
N/S alloy cam cover
O/S alloy cam cover
Crank position/speed sensor
Brake fluid resevior

Middle cambelt cover
Upper N/S cambelt cover
N/S and O/S metal cam cover backplates
Lower cambelt cover
Bonnet safety lever (that comes out of the grille)
Aux belt
Sai pump and hose
Electric afterrun water pump
Aux belt tensioner
Pas pump
Airbox snorkel
Sai /airbox flap solenoids
Rear of front subframe alloy plates
Oil dipstick and tube
Clutch slave cylinder
10 psi turbo dynamics actuators
O/S gearbox mount alloy castings
Gearbox intermediate oil cooler pipes
Bottom rad hose
Thermostat alloy casting
Horns high and low tone
Cam position sensor
N/S Plastic coilpack cover 5v
O/S Plastic coilpack cover 5v
Alarm siren
Towing eye
Throttle pedal
Power steering engine flow pipe

Sun visors
Camshaft pulley
Sai combi valves
N75 control lines
High level brake light
Rear wiper arm
Front alloy strut top castings

Seat belts
Steering rack gaitor plastic shields
Dashboard plastic end trims

Abs block and pump

Clutch slave cylinder line
710A diverter valve
Fuel pump hose and wiring (in tank)
Vacuum tank (under wing)
Water pump
Charcoal filter (under wing)
Bulkhead plastic lambda etc plug holders n/s and o/s
Front panel plugs plastic holder
Bonnet gas strut
Front panel bonnet lock
Plastic Foot rest
Blue 12v tyre compressor
Front electric aircon fan

Cambelt tensioner
Cambelt Rocker
Cambelt pulley
Headlight washer hose
Exhaust back box heatshield
Heater hoses
Front subframe brace bar
Engine block steel heater pipe
S4 steering wheel airbag 8d0 880 201 h
Front lower steel water pipe
Replica wheel center cap
Engine bay fuel flow and return hoses
Turbo oil return pipes
Exhaust center mount bracket
Front bumper fog grilles
Front bumper middle grille
Fornt fog lights

Handbrake lever with black button
Tmc module
Airbag ecu J and F versions
Rear ashtray cover
1 x 10mm wheel spacer
12v boot panel socket
Tailgate lock mechanism
Gearbox casting heat shields
Rear diff mount
Headlight plugs
Power steering resevior cover large and small versions
Steering column stalks 3 set
Wiper stalk
Steering angle sensor/clock spring
Rear front panel electric fan
Intank fuel pickup lines
Engine earth strap
Lower lambda sensors green and brown plug
Misc spider hose parts

Windscreen washer bottle
Headlight washer pump
Front and rear screen washer pump
Intake boots
Boot cubbyhole clip in panels

N249 valve
Gearbox cooler front pipes
Gearbox cooler rear pipes
Cylinder head coolant link pipes
Rear subframe brake flexi hoses
O/S cam cover metal bracket
Sachs uprated clutch pressure plate
Clutch release bearing

Triangle plastic airbox cover
Ecu box and cover
Ac reciever drier
Front seat bracket plastic cover
Non gps ariel whip

Inlet and exhaust cams
Hvac unit
Heated seat plugs and section of loom
N/S turbo oil feed line
N/S/R door wiring loom
O/S/R door wiring loom
Tyre inflation gel
Oem scissor jack
Front panel wiring loom
B7 pedal covers (set of 3)
Rods with bearings

Interior headlining lights
Rear bumper side brackets
Seat runner plastic end caps
Pollen filter drain channel
Front inner wing liners (the thin strip behind the main liner)
Steering column surround
Front wiper arms and blades
Under bonnet rubber trim strips
Handbrake leather gaitor
Plastic trim strips to hide window surround rivets

Front brake setup complete
Rear diff
Westfaila towbar
Brushed alloy Roof rails
Bose subwoofer and amp
Load cover
Heater box
Rear center console with armrest (broken hinges on lid)
Rear lower arms

Engine wiring loom
Wheel well insert complete with tools and compressor
Small wheel well insert to go inside spare wheel
N/S/F door frame and glass
Engine ac lines
Body ac lines
2.8 heads
Boot rear plastic trim panel

1 pair S4 cylinder heads with some bent valves
Worn b7 rear discs
Fuel filler door/flap
Rs4 downpipes
Rear driveshaft
k+n panel filter
Bmc panel filter
Ko4 turbo hotsides
Thule roofrack
Metal dog guard
Boot carpet
S4 std 17 wheels 1 new with tyre
Glove box
Cd 6 disc changer
Rs4 Alloy mirrors
Facelift s4 plastic mirrors
Tv/nav unit
Nav unit
Driver side hi-tec seat base cover
Aftermarket sub and amp
Symphony head unit
Rns-d head unit
Optional side curtain airbags
Brushed alloy window surround trims
Rear subframe strengthening brackets (meuspeed copies)

Std exhaust
Std shocks and springs
Rear uprights
All 4 s4 doors
Steering rack
N/S plastic sill trim
Front subframe
Front panel
Rear arb
Ac condensor
Tailgate interior surround trim
N/S/F bumper washer jet cover
Long oil cooler pipe
Gear linkage early and late types
Power steering cooler
N/S intercooler
Tail lights
rebuilt rs4 n/s cylinder head
rs4 hard wheels
various 18 and 19"tyres
luggage net
mirror glasses
interior A,B,C,and D pillar trims
accordian hose
map sensor

every nut and bolt that holds one of these cars together.

millions more parts on the shelf....
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