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My Volvo Xc-70 was recently clobbered into oblivion and I'm going to have to look at a less pricey used car to hold me for the next year or so. I'm a commercial photographer, so need to carry a bit of gear and need something older that doesn't appear to look excessively a 2005 Hyundai would. I am looking (seriously) at a 2005 Audi A-6 4.2  S-line.  The car has about 93K miles on it, runs nice but...a couple bugs.

First of all, I am struggling to understand where the A6 fits into the forum topics list so I can research topics. All the Audi designators get confusing.

The drivers side headlight seems to have a mount issue. It tips forward and aft at the top of the unit. I can pull the bumper and either fix or replace it. If I replace it, what are my best choices for parts suppliers? I really liked IPD and FCP for my Volvo. Recommendations?

Sadly, there is a 'groaning' coming from the rear half of the car on moderately tight turns with a little acceleration. Both left and right. No audible chatter so doubt it is CV joints. Regular turns as you might make in a parking lot or turning onto 90 degrees onto a road and into the nearest lane. I've been getting info like Center drive shaft and carrier bearing, or diff fluid has broken down. Could really use some support here.

While test driving, the A/C worked fine (Important here in Texas, especially having just moved from Maine) but half way through the drive, the far right and left vents blew hot. Like Hot hot! If you turn the car off and back on, it resets. (???)

The seller (used car dealer and friend of a friend) is going to check into these things. He feels that rumble in the drive train is normal for 4 wheel drive cars (AWD)  in turns, but my Xc70 is AWD and I come form AWD country and would have to disagree. If Volvo and Subaru can build cars that don't do this, I am sure Audi can too.

Other than these issues, what would you say in general about Audi 4.2 quattro dependability and longevity?

Thanks for any help and guidance. Trying o find a car that looks good and isn't an embarrassment in this price range so I can pay cash is depressing. But I just moved, and am self employed, so a loan and a payment right now at this critical juncture is an issue. I'm pretty good at doing my own work on cars, but don't want it to be a part-time job.

Thanks for any help,

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